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An Exclusive Community for Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Community Helps.

Build Relationships

An engaged community of immigrant entrepreneurs & professionals from around the world

Learn & Share

Learn from others that have been there before and share your experience to support others

Understand the Market

Learn about what it takes to succeed in the North American market

PORCH Helps.

Join Us

Come for community, events and content. Stay for the people.


24/7 discussions, weekly sessions, in-person events, and endless support from active members

Value In = Value Out

5 minutes a day improves your journey and grows your business

It's Hard Out There

Being an entrepreneur or professional is hard

Being an immigrant makes it even harder

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Your company needs constant love to grow. Finding answers and getting help is not easy. Nobody can do it alone.

PORCH will help you:

  • Build relationships 

  • Learn from others 

  • Understand the market 

  • Share your expertise

  • Find opportunities

Immigrant Professionals

Are you a business professional coming to or in Canada? We all need support to meet our goals. You are not alone. ​

PORCH will help you:

  • Build relationships 

  • Learn from industry experts & other professionals

  • Get guidance and advice

  • Understand the market 

  • Stay in the loop/up-to-date

  • Find a mentor, coach, friend, employer, etc. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business? You got this. Community can help and PORCH is here for you.

PORCH will help you:

  • Learn from others who have walked the path

  • Be inspired and get honest feedback

  • Find a co-founder, mentor, coach, partner and friend

  • Build relationships 

  • Share expertise


Community 💚

Exclusive Community Discussion Forum

  • 24/7 discussion on PORCH Slack

  • Ask questions and share advice

  • Learn from a community of peers 

  • Help others and give back

  • Build relationships

Real genuine relationships through a network of incredible immigrant entrepreneurs from all over the world



An active and engaged community communicating 24/7 to support each other

Ask questions, share experiences, learn from others, ask for referrals, get intros