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It’s an absolute honour to be here! You are why we picked Canada as our HQ. I didn’t know you, but I was looking for exactly this! Where the world meets, and we create something bigger than ourselves. Thank you for putting this together and keeping it alive!

Akos Tolnai

CEO & Co-Founder | Ability Matrix

For me, the most important aspect of PORCH is that it makes me feel like I'm not alone. There are many like-minded people who have come to this country to benefit from the opportunities offered by this fantastic startup ecosystem, all sharing the goal of building something significant— a successful business that can drive positive change.

Yashar Behroozi

Managing Director | RealXpert

We are truly happy to be a part of PORCH and to have you and all our PORCH friends beside us, not just as friends, but as professional experts who we've always had their support and help. I can't really imagine how this journey would be without PORCH!


Somayeh Akbarshahi

Co-Founder & COO | Commobuy

PORCH delivers so much value, that I can't wrap my head around how that is even possible.

Nik Skavinskii

Co-Founder | Superposition

The significance of this community cannot be emphasized enough. Through PORCH, immigrant entrepreneurs have discovered a platform to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another. The collective knowledge, experiences, and support exchanged within this community have undeniably played a pivotal role in their achievements.

Melissa Godmer

Founder | GIC

I think there are a lot of communities out there in the world today, but I think that what PORCH has been able to do is appeal to a specific group of people, understanding them deeply and also serving them in a way that I don't think other communities do.

Ravi Rajani

Founder | Ravi Rajani Consulting

I have never thought how powerful online community engagement can be. Thanks to PORCH, I am discovering the power of community every day. It's AMAZING!!! You are amazing!

Anatoly Dobrovinsky

Founder | Supernova Technology

I came to Canada as a student in 1999 and only became an entrepreneur years later after corporate jobs. I wish that there was a community like PORCH back then. It would have made the whole journey less lonely.

Marcelo Andrade

Managing Director | Lucalex Holdings

PORCH is my favourite place, I've learned many things here and had the opportunity to know great people. Thank you for providing me with this chance. Looking forward to participating in new events.

Neda Khoshfam

CEO | Revive Pot

I have been with PORCH from the beginning, and now it is part of my life! PORCH shed light on the Canadian market and culture with which l was totally unfamiliar thereinbefore. There is always something new to learn.

Amir Piryaei

COO | Robendy

From the bottom of my heart, I am happy to be a member of PORCH and I will definitely grow and improve through this amazing platform.

Leilanaz Raeisi

NMH Company

Being a part of a community like PORCH is a gift to me.

Roohollah Akbari

CEO | Robeed

In my opinion, PORCH is one of the best virtual communities that can help anyone to exchange opinions and receive information.

Mahboubeh Eskandari Shahraki

BD | NMH Company

Just attended a game-changing session on "How Not to Suck at Cold Emailing" courtesy of the fantastic PORCH Community.

Steven Yu

Founder | PapaMama Media

I just watched the recording of the amazing session you did, and it’s an absolute gem. Amazing content and I hope to utilize the learnings.

Saurabh Pandey

Customer Engineer | Google 

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