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An Exclusive Community for Immigrant Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Your company needs constant love to grow. Finding answers and getting help is not easy. Nobody can do it alone.

PORCH will help you:

  • Build relationships 

  • Learn from others 

  • Understand the market 

  • Share your expertise

  • Find opportunities

Immigrant Professionals

Are you a business professional coming to or in Canada? We all need support to meet our goals. You are not alone. ​

PORCH will help you:

  • Build relationships 

  • Learn from industry experts & other professionals

  • Get guidance and advice

  • Understand the market 

  • Stay in the loop/up-to-date

  • Find a mentor, coach, friend, employer, etc. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting a business? You got this. Community can help and PORCH is here for you.

PORCH will help you:

  • Learn from others who have walked the path

  • Be inspired and get honest feedback

  • Find a co-founder, mentor, coach, partner and friend

  • Build relationships 

  • Share expertise


Community 💚

Exclusive Community Discussion Forum

  • 24/7 discussion on PORCH Slack

  • Ask questions and share advice

  • Learn from a community of peers 

  • Help others and give back

  • Build relationships

Real genuine relationships through a network of incredible immigrant entrepreneurs from all over the world



An active and engaged community communicating 24/7 to support each other

Ask questions, share experiences, learn from others, ask for referrals, get intros